Olluco Recipe

One of the best foods we found in South America is olluco, a root vegetable related to the potato but with a softer more moist texture. We were served them by a friend in Santiago, Colombia and then we bought some at the market in Chachapoyas, Peru. The friendly hostel owner assisted us in making our dinner that evening. Below is the recipe: Continue reading “Olluco Recipe”

Off the Beaten Path in Chachapoyas

How often does one wake up not knowing that they would visit pre-Incan ruins built atop a 9,000 foot mountain?  We opted for a guided tour offered by our hostel, Chachapoyas Backpackers. This was the first time we ventured on this type of guided outing and it did not disapppoint. We made our way to the van, piled in with about 14 other travelers and began the drive to Kuelap. It had been rainy and dreary since we entered Peru just at the beginning of January and this day was no exception. The road curved smoothly along a rushing river for a while and after about an hour we started to climb a dirt road that was extremely muddy.  Outside the left-hand window was a vertical drop, sometimes several thousand feet down. Our guide, Ernando, pointed to the top of a high mountain near some distant trees saying “See, there you can see it.” We had a way to go. Our trip to the top of the mountain was only met with one minor road slide where men hopped out of tour vans in front of us throwing boulders off the side of the road. We made it to Kuelap around 11:30 AM.

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Our Ecuadorian Experience

Ecuador is a nation of contrasts. It has more international influence than Colombia. The country uses the US dollar as its currency. There are pockets of foreign retirees all over the country. It is easy to find international cuisine done well. On the other hand, people in traditional dress are found throughout the Andes region. Babies are often tied to the backs of their mothers with a blanket. Men in Otavalo wear their hair long.

Christmas Eve Parade in Cuenca
Christmas Eve Parade in Cuenca


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Thank you, Colombia, for some of the best months of our lives.

Greetings from Ecuador!  We enjoyed our planned one month in Colombia so much that we spent 89 days there, leaving Friday the 21st of November, the day before our visa expired.  Much has happened over these past months.  Words cannot express the transformation that has occurred in our lives.  We could not have imagined how our travels would cause our love for each other, our family, our friends, humanity and this beautiful planet to grow exponentially from our powerful wedding weekend in July of 2014.  We share some of our top experiences in Colombia below.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask us to expound on a topic.  Also, see our map if you would like to follow where we’ve been.
Day 1 in Bogota - Photo by Joe Wheeler

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